White Papers

The following is a list of the whitepapers written by Jake McKee:

Six techniques for creating culture through online moderation

Written together with my friends at eModeration, this paper focuses on six methods of doing more with your content moderation staff than just asking them to hit “accept” or “decline”. Given the proper training and rules of engagement, your talented moderation staff and help build fantastic culture.


OCRN: Case Study – 8 tips for working successfully with your legal team

For anyone who has developed community programs as part of a medium to large corporation, there are two words that can send shivers down their spine: Legal Department. This whitepaper looks 8 ways you can improve your relationship with the legal department and make your community projects better because of it.

OCRN: Case Study – Comics in Community Communication

Have you ever thought about using comics in your communications with community members and about community with internal colleagues? If not, here’s a reason why you might want to consider it: they work. This whitepaper focuses on a case study about using comic communication in community work and outlines information about how you can get started with your own community comic communications.

OCRN: 9 Tips for Inspired (and Inspiring) Text Communication

Text is the base language of community interaction and engagement, yet far too many community professionals don’t put the focus on it like they should. This whitepaper looks at nine important tips anyone can apply to improve their text-based communication skills.

OCRN: Community Netiquette: How to Avoid Stepping on Virtual Toes

Most of us know that in the typical online community, it’s not kosher to post blatant marketing materials. But when confronted by other more nuanced issues, such as how to introduce ourselves (or our company) to a community, or how to react to someone calling us names, things get a little murkier. This guide shares some of the basics of conducting yourself properly when engaging on behalf of an organization within the existing Social Web, with tools and communities your company has created and especially with those it hasn’t.

Six Techniques for Safer User Generated Content Campaigns

The paper details techniques that creators of UGC sites (brands and marketing agencies alike) to help protect both their brand reputations and their users; while creating a site that is fun and engaging for users. While there are a great many methods to find this balance, the paper focuses on six key, and often under appreciated techniques.

Options and strategies for a safe site and positive experience

This whitepaper focuses on how companies can make the decision between pre-moderation and post-moderation of user submitted content. (Pre-moderation is a review process that happens before content goes live on the site. Post-moderation review happens after the content is live on the site.