Why is a lack of knowledge cool?

Last week I was reading this article about Secretary of State Clinton talking about Twitter’s role in the Iranian elections. Overall, it’s an impressive statement of the role of social tools on the world stage.

But one part had me thinking all weekend:

“We promote the right of free expression,” the chief US diplomat added.

“And it is the case that one of the means of expression, the use of Twitter is a very important one, not only to the Iranian people but now increasingly to people around the world, and most particularly to young people,” she said.

“I wouldn’t know a twitter from a tweeter, but apparently it is very important,” she said, sparking laughter.

Will there be a time when older people don’t think it’s cool to joke about their tech cluelessness? I know it’s a brave new world and all, but seriously, when you’re the Secretary of State and Twitter is a major part of the revolution in Iran, joking that you don’t know anything about it is just stupid.

UPDATE: Des follows up on this topic. Good stuff, Des.