Writing makes all the difference

I’ve written in the past about the impact great writing can make on community interaction. This weekend I got my BzzKit for a new BzzAgent program I’m working on, the Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Burger. (This thing is damn tasty – I tried one while I waited for my BzzKit to arrive, and damn!)

Part of the BzzKit is an introductory letter from BzzAgent Jono, one of the staff members. While most of the letter is pretty standard, the intro paragraph is fantastic. It adds a level of personalization and reality that only Jono’s personality could deliver.

As a longtime vegetarian, I figured the last thing I’d ever Bzz about was a burger. But when I heard we’d be spreading the word for the new Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Burger, my heart skipped a beat. Like most of the other vegetarians at Central Hive, bacon is the meat we miss the most.

Adds reality to this campaign, and further builds the relationship between BzzAgents and the face of the company, Jono. Nice work. Remember, great communication drives great community collaboration.